There are good and bad taxidermist out there. You will find high and low prices. Selecting a taxidermist to preserve your trophy is similar to choosing a doctor to perform surgery. In both cases you are dependent on the skills and expertise of the professional for the best results.

That's why making an informed choice is so important. Each taxidermist will have different techniques, experience and talent. While cost can be a factor, choosing the cheapest priced option can mean sacrificing quality. Think of it this way, you will not chose a cheaper doctor to surgery. Shouldn't you not do the same when choosing a taxidermist. So choose one that does quality work.

It is up to you to find a good taxidermist. I know I do quality work. But most business owners will tell you anything to get your business. So ask around as I have done a lot of work since I started doing taxidermy in the 1970's. Also check out my site for pictures and you can always come visit my shop and see my display and talk.

Moose Hunters

Shop for quality not only price.

Look at the different things that can be done with your moose, lamps, skull mounts, hide tanned, antlers, and heads. Also tanning of the skin. You can also get a shade made with your personal picture on it. We here can get all this done for you. Any question you can contact me 207-324-8025 or email to Have a great hunt. More information below pictures.

The weather can be warm so be ready before you go. Things to plan for. Plan ahead with a butcher. Some butchers only take in by appointment. After getting that moose you do not want to be looking around for these things. After getting that trophy you need to take care of the head or anything you plan on getting to a taxidermist. Things I have learned of the years. Hunters think a head in a cooler will keep. That may be true if the cooler is cold enough. What happens is if a lot of stuff is put in a cooler the same day the cooler can not cool it done and some of it can spoil. Putting pepper on it will not keep it for days as some think it will. You spend the time to get that trophy you want to mount. We'll take the time to get it to a taxidermist in good condition. I am certain there is more I could put here but I think you understand.